Oval frame mirror with rectangular framework

France, Louis XVI period
Carved, pierced and gilt wood


France, Louis XVI period
Carved, pierced and gilt wood

Rectangular in shape, this mirror presents upper corners slightly in projection with, in the centre, a large heart-shaped cartouche containing a vignette.
It is adorned with ribboned, leafy garlands of berries, held by simulated hooks on the front and sides. All around the strong moulded framing runs a ribbon twisted around a simulated triangle. Of ovoid shape, the inside view of the mirror is bordered by a beaded frieze and flattened leaves. In the lower corners, there are strong volutes and blooming flowers from which emerge large acanthus leaves and leafy branches.

Gilded wood frames

The improvement of the method of production for the glass mirrors in the 17th century permits to obtain bigger and bigger surfaces. The latter were integrated in the interior arrangements of the residences at the time, forms and frameworks adapting to the overall style. This is how under Louis XIV reign appeared the richly gilt and sculpted frame in the French style. Following the evolution of taste, these frames, just as this mirror, evaluated during all the 18th century. In the last years of the “Ancien Regime, the general forms geometrised, as testifies this framework, which takes a rectangular shape in which enshrines an oval mirror, using a neo-classical vocabulary: beaded friezes, heart friezes and ribboned in association with vegetal garlands.

Good overall condition, wear of time

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Dimensions 70 × 6,5 × 56 cm